Projects: Anti-Israel Bias and Misrepresentation of Jews in K-12 Textbooks

The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion (Lexington Books, 2008)
Gary A. Tobin and Dennis R. Ybarra

School textbooks in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab and Muslim worlds are filled with anti-Western and anti-Israel propaganda. Most readers will be shocked to discover that history and geography textbooks widely used in America’s elementary and secondary classrooms contain some of the very same inaccuracies about Jews, Judaism and Israel. American textbooks teach that "there is no record of any important Jewish contribution to the sciences." (World Civilizations"Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus." (The World, Scott Foresman/Pearson).

The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion exposes the poor scholarship and untruths in textbooks about Jews and Israel. The problems uncovered in this groundbreaking analysis illustrate the need for reform in the way textbooks are developed, written, marketed, and distributed. The Trouble with Textbooks shows what can go terribly wrong in discussing religion, geography, culture, or history – and in this case – all of them.

The Trouble With Textbooks was released in September 2008. It has received extensive media coverage, especially the critical, skeptical treatment of Jewish and Christian beliefs as opposed to Muslim beliefs, which are described as historical fact.
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